Constantin Severin

founder and promoter of archetypal expressionism



Featured artist by CASA LUX magazine, Romania

Severin’s art was featured by the September edition of the prestigious CASA LUX monthly magazine, the first glossy magazine in Romania, with over 100,000 readers for every issue.
The two pages dedicated to Severin’s art are signed by a well-known cultural journalist (art, theatre and movie critic) and poet, Marina Roman, from Bucharest. On  the 1st of September 2014, the editorial team of CASA LUX, with Cristina Stoica as an editor in chief, celebrated 20 years since the magazine was founded. The publication belongs to the famous Burda International media group, with over 230 magazines in Central and Eastern Europe.


Historical time does not exist for Constantin Severin. His art is a manifestation of absolute time – simultaneously living in illo tempore and in the present continuous. In the sumptuous monochromes from the Hierarchy of Light cycle and in the spectacular color developments from the Text and Time cycle, he updates identity elements of our ancient cultures – Gumelniţa, Hamangia and Cucuteni – and puts them in dialogue with works of the masters to engender new contexts capable of stirring emotions here and now. In what may seem a gesture of recuperation or integration, in a postmodern understanding, is achieved in fact the consubstantiation of the archetype and the creative as well as the receiving self, in an act of perfect love. The artist is tempted to travel vertically toward the origins and shows the calling for discovery of roots in the highest. He manages to plunge the mind into the heart, to be both conceptual and emotional. And because of the rigor with which he administers the canvas, his works give the viewer the feeling of monumental.
About Gauguin’s Children cycle, Constantin Severin, author and promoter of a new trend in art – archetypal expressionism, confesses it is a gesture of cultural affection. Laden with symbolism, Tahiti is the locus where personal memories blend with universal memory: the imaginary is neither a consequence, nor a construct of real live experiences while by passing reality it gives man, even before being an artist, the grace of being a “creator of phantasms”.

Marina ROMAN


Severin’s Art at the Rotterdam International Art Fair

Three of Constantin Severin’s paintings will be present at the Rotterdam International Art Fair, organized on the 12th and 13th of September 2014 by the Global Art Agency. Over 200 visual artists and art galleries from all over the world have been selected for this big international art show opened to the art lovers in a famous basilica, De Laurenskerk, the only Medieval monument in Rotterdam, designated Cultural Capital of Europe this year.

The visual artists Yulia Kirschner and Natalie Detsch Southworth, both of them from from Switzerland and members of the Archetypal Expressionism Group (with 16 international artists from 13 countries) also joined the event.

“We are looking forward to having Constantin Severin (the founder and promoter of the archetypal expressionism) and his group exhibiting at the Rotterdam International Art Fair. The works of Constantin is of a very interesting concept for our show. We are always looking for fresh new concepts and like to introduce these to our audience. We think that the archetypal expressionism – which lies between the two major paradigms of contemporary art, the figurative and the abstract – will do very well at the Art Fair, and we are looking forward to seeing the works in real-life.” – Ms Joelle DINNAGE, Director at Global Art Agency Ltd (organisation of the Rotterdam International Art Fair).


Manrico MURZI wrote a forword for Constantin Severin’s future book of selected poems

The well-known Italian writer, Manrico MURZI, wrote a forword for Constantin Severin’s future book of selected poems in English, ”Wall and Neutrino. The Poet in New York”. Manrico MURZI, the former disciple and university assistant of the famous poet Giuseppe Ungaretti is one of the members of the editorial board of the Italian publisher Bompiani, Milano. He is also a member of the Committee of Writers of the European Union and an UNESCO Ambassador of Culture.